Tips for Traveling with your Pet


So you’re taking your dog with you on vacation, and or general trip. First off, consult a veterinarian to make sure he or she is healthy enough to travel and doesn’t have any serious health issues. Make sure your dog won’t be a nuisance while driving by going off on a test drive first, making sure your pet is comfortable and doesn’t get anxious or car sick. If he/she gets becomes anxious a thunder blanket could be used, which is a snug fitting vest made for relaxation similar to acupuncture. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommend pit stops every two to three hours to use the bathroom and get some exercise and carrying a gallon of cold water. The ASPCA also recommend not leaving your pets in vehicles since the temperature could rise drastically in ten minutes.

While driving make sure to crate, and or secure your dog somehow, not doing this could result in your pet getting injured due to an accident or flying forward when braking hard, Crating your dog also makes driving safer since he/she would not be a distraction to the driver. Make sure to not feed your dog while driving, since motion sickness could occur and make a mess in your car. Feed your dog a high protein snack during one of your pit stops, and make sure to have him/her use the restroom.

While caring for your pet is considered easier on a road trip, taking your pet onto a plane might be a little difficult. If your pet is young, or elderly you might need to consider leaving it at home due to possible breathing troubles, the same goes for any dog that is short-nosed such as pugs. Also, fees could be higher if your pet rides in the cabin with you or where the cargo is held. Research any incidents involving the mistreatment and death of pets regarding the airline, or you can consider a pet-friendly airline such as Pet Airways. Depending on where you go, you could need certain vaccinations for your dog. The USDA also requires “live animal stickers”, food, bedding, and water with your kennel.

Taking care of your dog during a trip could be a bit frustrating, due to the high levels of stress it may be experiencing during these new encounters. If your dog is extremely young, or elderly consider the option of leaving it home, or with friends and relatives. Same goes for when your dog is ill or has health issues. To prevent anxiety, and nervousness bring something familiar such as a dog toy or blanket, which could help calm your dog down. Attempt to have a positive vibe when crating your dog, acting and forcing your dog into a carrier increases the anxiety of your pet, and could cause it to misbehave. The last resort when taking your pet on a long trip is medicating them, which most veterinarians don’t recommend since you don’t want your pet to be reliant on them. You should be able to keep your pet calm with body language and your personality.

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